Initial Meeting

A consultation fee of $195 is charged for my initial meeting, which can last up to 90 minutes. During this time, I listen to clients’ ideas, discuss concerns, and take a few basic measurements. Homeowners and I bounce ideas off each other, and I’ll give a general overview of how I can help with your project. Within a week or so, I will submit a proposal estimating the amount of my hours required for collecting estimates for materials and labor for the design plan.

Construction Documents

If changing the room’s layout is necessary, we set up a second appointment for detailed measurements and photos. Using these tools, I design a floor plan, drawing out the best layout. Redesigned layouts for kitchens and bathrooms generally require 14 hours of drafting at $85 per hour.

Design Plan & Estimate

Based on information collected from the client, I develop a design for the space. I’ll visit showrooms to select finishes (tile, lighting, countertops, etc) and meet on-site with each sub-contractor required for the project. Depending on the number of contractors needed, showroom visits, and client’s involvement, this service involves about 20 hours (if the proposal is accepted, this fee is credited toward the project total). I’ll then create a line-by-line estimate for the project, and when this phase is complete, the client has a clear price with actual products selected to move forward.

Project Management

After approval of the design plan and estimate, the work begins! Materials are ordered and I schedule and manage my contractors daily. I’m available (both as a designer and general contractor) throughout the project to solve problems and answer questions. In this final phase, my fee switches from hourly to a percentage of the total project price.