Main Street photos by Lucius A Fontenot Photography


Vicksburg photos by Lucius A Fontenot Photography


Refreshed design for a classic home

This beautiful home in Crowley had a kitchen and master bath that didn't quite live up to the elegance of the rest of the house. The layout of both rooms was quite functional, but they needed a face-lift. Aside from a few cabinets being re-worked, only finishes and fixtures were changed. But what a difference they made!


Wise homeowners (like these were!) contact an interior designer early in the building process.  My time starts at our initial consultation, when we review your plans. I'll assist you with every decision you need to make (trips together to countertop, lighting, flooring showrooms - visits at the job site - meetings with contractors - texts and emails about small details).  I have the whole new construction process broken down to a science.  You won't believe how much smoother building is when you're making decisions with a professional in your corner!  


Empty spaces get a personality


My work isn't always construction and remodeling. Sometimes I actually decorate! This house was 3 years old (and BEAUTIFUL), but the homeowners only had the basic furnishings. They asked me to come in and give the rooms some personality. By adding a few new pieces, as well as repurposing a few flea market finds, the rooms are finally complete!

(C Daugereaux photos by Melonie Brister Photography)


A remodel 30 years in the making


This dark, dated kitchen got a new life! We gutted their kitchen and gave them a brand new one. (Snapshots taken last day of construction, before decorating.)


A Diamond in the Rough

Charmaine Avenue was my first project after starting my own business.  Everyone thought I'd lost my mind when I bought this house to flip, and if you'll look at the before pictures, you'll probably agree. Finishing this home was surely a boost of confidence.  If I can transform THIS space, I can transform anything!


Mid-Century Mish-Mash

When clients see my home for the first time, I immediately feel the need to explain myself. "I promise I won't design your home around an avocado green metal credenza from the 70s.", I say. "I'll create the best version of 'your style' that there is." 

But for me, that flea market find was just what I was looking for - the perfect jumping-off point.  I crossed the line of "conventional" design (not that it was that normal to begin with) , and I never looked back!